Mendocino Mushroom Tours

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Discover the beautiful, hidden world of fungi on our Mendocino mushroom tours. The rainy season on the coast prompts a bounty of mushrooms of all shapes and colors to pop up in hidden spots throughout Mendocino meadows and forests.

The fleshy, fruiting, spore-bearing bodies of fungi (fungus in the singular), mushrooms have fascinated people since antiquity. Some mushrooms are beautiful to look at but poisonous while others have long been favorite gourmet delicacies for chefs and diners on the Mendocino coast.

Learning About Various Uses for Mushrooms

Not just fun but educational as well, Mendo Insider Tours’ mushroom exploration tours will enable you to learn basic taxonomic identifying features so you can distinguish the type of mushroom you’re looking at. Our highly experienced guides will teach you about medicinal and other uses as well as interesting myths associated with various mushrooms and local anecdotes.

Grab Your Spot

Visitors often tell us that Mendo Insider Tours gives them the best tour experience in the Mendocino area. Give us a try and join the rest of our happy customers. Call us at 707-962-4131 or contact us to book your Mendocino mushroom tour today. Available October through February only.

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