Backpacker Shuttles

Mendo Insider offers various shuttles to the lost coast.

Black Sands Beach to Mattole- $85 per seat

Usal Beach to Needle Rock-$100 per seat and a 6 seat minimum, or to Hidden Valley with a 5 seat minimum or to Mattole Trailhead with a 6 seat minimum. For these Usal shuttles you will need to send a request form below or call to book. 7079624131.


We offer large group discounts and custom timed shuttles, please call for quotes. 707.962.4131

For our Black Sands beach shuttle
we must meet our minimum of 6 passengers per shuttle. If you have a smaller party, you have two options:

1) purchase seats on a shuttle with riders already reserved, or

2) reserve your seats (by paying for them) at no risk, then wait for more riders (hikers are more likely to purchase seats on partially filled shuttles); if your shuttle doesn’t fill you will get a full refund.

Backpacker Shuttle – Black Sands Beach to Mattole Trailhead

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