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If you’re intrigued by Mendocino’s cannabis culture and industry, let Mendo Insider Tours show you around legal cannabis farms and cannabis dispensaries in Mendocino County. You’ll be able to socialize with experts – cultivators, educators, and dispensary consultants – and find out about cannabis breeding and genetics techniques, sustainability and growing practices as well as harvesting and alternative medicine uses.

Customized Groups

Do you have a special occasion in mind? Mendo Insider Tours will help you put your plan into action to impress guests at your birthday, wedding, anniversary, family reunion, or work retreat. This is your chance to veer off the beaten path and gain entry into a world that’s been hidden from sight until recently.

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Want to Sample the Local Herb?

No problem. You’ll be able to try varieties of cannabis in addition to local cuisine while learning about the fascinating social and cultural aspects of the fast-growing cannabis market.

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Fun + Learning = Unbeatable Combo

Get a group of your friends together for an unforgettable bonding experience. Have questions? Your knowledgeable tour guide will provide you with the information you require as you repose in comfort in our safe, reliable vehicles.

Close to the Bay Area and Sacramento

Located just 3 hours from the San Francisco Bay Area and 2 hours from Sacramento, the Mendocino Coast is known not only for its scenic beauty but also for the top-quality cannabis grown in the Emerald Triangle. Feel free to take photos, ask questions, and indulge your senses. Satisfy your curiosity and have fun in the bargain!

Grab Your Spot

Visitors often tell us that Mendo Insider Tours gives them the best cannabis tour experience in the Mendocino area. Give us a try and join the rest of our many happy customers.

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