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Mendocino Mystery and History Tour

Travel 200 years in 2 hours as we delve into the unique past of the village of Mendocino. Knowledgeable local guides will keep you entertained as they take you on a journey through time , exploring the hidden secrets & history of the village. Logging booms, brothels, artist beatniks and movie stars. Get the whole lowdown from the guides in the know.

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Our comfortable mini-bus tour includes an exclusive on-board slideshow of rare historical Mendocino photographs, munchies and good cheer.

  • Offered- Daily beginning March 15th (call for availability)
  • 10 am – 12:15 pm
  • Price: $79.00/kids: $39.00
  • 6 people┬áminimum
  • Pick-up and Drop-Off
  • Half day full coastal history tour including picnic lunch available on request.
Julia Roberts filming in Mendocino Kids On Horse Locals logging the hard way

  • Mendocino has twin houses? Go to the ever popular Frankie’s Ice Cream Parlor at 44951 Ukiah St. and look across the street to the north. You’ll see two picture perfect tiny houses making a pair.
  • Nearly 100 years ago Mendocino had a racetrack? It was a half mile oval track on the north side of Little Lake Road as it turns north to become Heeser Drive out on the Mendocino Headlands. Both horses and autos were raced there.
  • The statue of Father Time & the Maiden on top of the Masonic Hall was carved from one single log by one man? It was!
  • The village of Mendocino has no water system? It has a community waste treatment system but every property pumps water from their own well. That’s why you see so many water towers and tanks…

You’ll discover these and many other interesting factoids

On The Mendocino Mystery Tour

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