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“We are dog-friendly.”

We’re ready for a fabulous 2018 season for hiking the Lost Coast. As long as the weather permits, we will run our shuttles. If we get a big storm, creeks will rise and the surf will pound the coastline, making the beach trail along the Lost Coast unsafe.

For more details about conditions on the Lost Coast Trail, you can contact:

King Range National Conservation Area

Thanks to Caltrans workers’ efforts, Highway 101 is completely open at this time.

We provide shuttle service for several popular hikes and backpacking trips on the Lost Coast. Mendo Insider Tours can shuttle your group from your car to your chosen trailhead. Dogs ride for FREE on our shuttles. See below for pricing on some of our different shuttle routes. Times will vary according to the tides of your particular day. We try to get you to Mattole 2 hours before low tide.

Backpacker Trailhead Transportation

Backpacker Trailhead Transportation

  • Black Sands Beach (at Shelter Cove) to Mattole Beach Trailhead – $85 per seat (6 seat minimum). Sign up online below.
  • Usal Campground to Mattole Beach – $100 per person (6 seat minimum). Call us: (707) 962-4131
  • Usal Campground to Hidden Valley Trailhead – $100 per seat, up to 9 people. Call us: (707) 962-4131
  • Usal Campground to Needle Rock (Four Corners) – $600 per van load, up to 9 people. Call us: (707) 962-4131

Black Sands Beach to Mattole Trailhead Shuttle

This is our most popular route. If you plan to hike the Lost Coast from Mattole to Shelter Cove you would catch the shuttle at Shelter Cove at the Black Sands Beach parking lot. From there we take you up to the Mattole Trailhead to start your hike. Most shuttle times are chosen so that you can get around Punta Gorda at low tide. If you plan to camp the night before at Mattole, and start your hike the next day, we also offer some afternoon shuttles that will get you to Mattole with plenty of time to set up camp before dark.

Please note that hikers are responsible for obtaining bear canisters and overnight hiking permits for the Lost Coast (required via the online reservation system).

You can sign up here: Click “Backpacker Shuttle- Black Sands Beach to Mattole Trailhead” to select your date for starting your Lost Coast Backpacking Trip. Enter your credit card information and we’ll will take your fully refundable payment to hold your seat. We expect our shuttles to fill up this season; there is a slight chance that we may have to cancel a shuttle for lack of riders. As your date approaches, if you see that your shuttle has not yet met our minimum number of riders (6 per van or more than 3 seats left), you will have 3 options:

  • you can transfer to another shuttle that day or on a different day,
  • you can purchase the remaining seat(s) to guarantee your ride, or
  • you can request a refund of 100% of your payment.

Once we have met our minimum number of riders and assigned a driver, we will send out a confirmation email. At this time, your payment becomes subject to our cancellation policy.

Backpacker Shuttle- Black Sands Beach to Mattole Trailhead

Browse our Shuttle Calendar

You can also Backpacker Shuttle- Black Sands Beach to Mattole Trailhead to see when we have shuttles scheduled. If you see “seats left” for available shuttle dates, you can purchase them right away. Select your date and enter your credit card information to submit your payment. If you change your plans and want to cancel or change your shuttle date, you can make those changes using the link in your confirmation email.

If you don’t see a shuttle for the date and time you want, call us and we’ll get it on the calendar (assuming we have vans available).

Backpacker Shuttle- Black Sands Beach to Mattole Trailhead

More Details about the Lost Coast Trail

Most of the Lost Coast Trail follows the beach with some stretches only allowing passage at low tide. We normally schedule our shuttles to get you to the trailhead and to Punta Gorda at low tide. For the rest of your trip, it’s up to you to time your hike so you can get past the tide impacted stretches when the tide is out. Note: you can leave the beach trail, opting for inland routes as an alternative.
Tide impacted sections of the beach trail

This map shows the tide impacted sections of the beach trail.

Check this tide chart for the dates of your trek to pick the best time to strike out.

Backpacker Shuttle- Black Sands Beach to Mattole Trailhead

Here’s what hikers can expect from the weather on the Lost Coast today and tomorrow:
Find more about Weather in Shelter Cove, CA
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Backpacker Shuttle- Black Sands Beach to Mattole Trailhead

If you have questions about our service, you can send us a message or call us at (707) 962-4131.