About Our Mendocino Insider Tour Guides

Experienced local guides will give
an insider’s view into the natural beauty
of the Mendocino Coast

At Mendo Insider Tours, we understand that so much of your day depends on the knowledge, passion and personality of your guide. And that is why we have the BEST long time local guides on the coast. Here is a taste of who will be with you through your day.


Rod Jones-Mendocino Mystery TourRod&Friend

Rod left a former life as a law professor to move to Mendocino 25 years ago and establish his private law practice.  Always a community environmental activist, he started the Mendocino Coast Environmental Center in the early nineties and was involved in environmental case work for many years.  Not one to sit idly by, he is simultaneously drifting toward professional retirement while expanding his freelance work with MIT.  He and Katy Tahja helped develop the “History and Mystery of Mendocino” tour package.


Evan Dick - Lost Coast Nature Tour Guide

Evan Dick – Lost Coast Nature Tour Guide

Evan Dick – Lost Coast Eco Tour

A life long resident of Coastal California, Evan now resides in Fort Bragg Ca.
An avid nature and environment enthusiast, he has worked a number of years doing wildlife walks, mountain biking and kayaking.
Lately he has ventured into horticulture and aquaculture with his own business. He still manages to find time for his passion, hiking and guiding through the Majestic Redwoods.




Katy Tahja-Mendocino Mystery Tour

Katy Tahja is a retired librarian, the author of 5 books on local history, and a docent at the Kelley House Museum . She married into a family that came to the Mendocino Coast in 1883 and has lived on the North Coast 46 years.



Pam Huntley - Bird Safari Guide

Pam Huntley – Bird Safari Guide

Pam Huntley – Bird Safari

Pam Huntley moved to the Mendocino in1984. She was studying birds at UC Santa Cruz and came to conduct a breeding bird census in the coast’s unique ecosystem called the pygmy forest. At that time, The Nature Conservancy offered her care taking position for the new Pygmy Forest Preserve where she has been here ever since.
Pam teaches environmental education in the grammar schools. She works with the local Audubon chapter spreading her love of birds by teaching children and producing weekly radio bird spots. She’s the director of education for the Point Cabrillo light keepers association and runs the summer program Nature Day Camp at Jughandle Farm and Nature Center. Her passion is showing people the incredible natural beauty of our rich and diverse coast.
Pam believes that the Red Crossbill is her totem spirit. It was the first bird she found in the pygmy forest. A young crossbill, yellow with red polka dots was hanging upside down, level with her face and extracting seed with it’s one of a kind beak. She feels the bird was telling her it is all alright and she was in the right place. She has felt that way ever since.


Adam Hutchins - Bird Safari Guide

Adam Hutchins – Bird Safari Guide

Adam Hutchins – Bird Safari

Adam Hutchins came to the Mendocino Coast to participate in ecological restoration projects. His interest in birding and natural history evolved while living and attending college near the Puget Sound of Washington State.  This led to a career in ornithological studies and avian/biological monitoring. His experience includes chronicling nesting passerines and raptors from forested mountain tops to arid desert expanses to riparian corridors in the canyon country of the Great Basin, Colorado Plateau, and Sonoran Desert. He has surveyed and captured elusive bats and delicate hummingbirds.  Well over a year of his life has been logged on mountain ridges and canyon rims identifying and counting migrating hawks.  Currently, Adam is taking advantage of his time living near the northern California coast to hone his shorebird, gull and pelagic identification skills.


Tim Bray - Bird Safari Guide

Tim Bray – Bird Safari Guide

Tim Bray – Bird Safari

Tim Bray has been birding the Mendocino coast for fifteen years.  He leads the monthly intermediate-level Audubon birdwalks at the Mendocino Coast Botanical Gardens on the third Wednesday of each month, and is the Compiler for the annual Fort Bragg Christmas Bird Count.  A lifelong scientist, Tim has an insatiable curiosity about almost everything, and a compulsion to share what he learns.  He has taught classes and workshops on subjects ranging from the Scottish Wars of Independence to gopher-trapping, and hosts a popular radio program of Celtic music on community radio station KZYX.  Tim lives on Middle Ridge in Albion, at the confluence of three different habitats and two soil profiles, where he farms, makes cider, and builds furniture.