Mendocino Edible Wild Mushroom Tour

Too much rain can literally dampen a lot of outdoor fun, but it does have one major side benefit: mushrooms sprouting everywhere! Here in Mendocino, where most of us like to cook and eat almost as much as we like to play outdoors, hunting edible wild mushrooms is one of our favorite excuses for getting outdoors and having fun.

On this tour, you will head out to our lush woods with our expert guide to our favorite “shrooming” spots, where you will learn to discern some relatively easily identifiable edible mushrooms and some notoriously dangerous ones, habitat identification and seasonal preferences to find certain species. Both fun and educational, this tour is geared to give you an introductory course in finding your way around the mushroom world.

Pick-Up times are 10:00 am at these locations*
• Return time is approximately 12:30
• Price: 80.00 /Kids 40.00
• Offered every day (October-March)

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